1 out of 10 kids use the web instead of reference books


The Guardian Unlimited.com has this story about a study released that states that 1 out of every 10 children now use the web to get reference information, and not books.
\"Almost one in 10 children have stopped using reference books and are relying on electronic sources - chiefly the internet - to get their information, according to the fullest study of national reading habits.
The report offers the first statistical evidence that a new generation of children growing up in the microchip era has markedly different attitudes to acquiring knowledge from those of their parents\"
\"By the age of five, a small minority of them (about 15%) has started looking things up on the net or CD-roms. By the age of 15, some 58% of them are using these sources - only 2% fewer than those looking up non-fiction books.

After the peak age of 15, use of the net or disks for reference falls sharply and books become more popular. The report, funded by the Library and Information Commission, finds that most children and youngsters still use books as well as electronic access.

But it adds: \"As many as 9% of children use electronic sources exclusively for obtaining reference information. They don\'t use books for this purpose.\"

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