Comic books already big in French libraries

A story on NPR\'s Morning Edition this morning profiled the world\'s largest comic book convention*, just wrapping up today in the city of Angouleme, France. Reporter Frank Browning says that schoolchildren are let out for the festival, and mentions that many librarians visit the show as well. He even says that, on some days, the only books checked out at Angouleme libraries are comic books! The public library system there has a special collection of comic book materials, a partner to the Musèe de la Bande Dessinée* (Comic Book Museum) run by the French government\'s Centre National de la Bande Dessinée et de l\'Illustration (National Center of Comic Books and Illustration).

Somehow I doubt that this kind of recognition will be hitting the comics world Stateside anytime soon.

*These links are entirely in French. If you have unfiltered Internet access, you can see roughly translated versions using Google\'s language tools.

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