Tyrannosaurus Sue


CNN.com has an interesting Article about a man and some dinosaur bones.

\"Author Steve Fiffer has assembled these disparate pieces into a compelling account of a man and his first love. The man is Peter Larson, a maverick fossil collector. The love of his life is a bag of bones. A very large bag of very large bones. The relationship between Larson and the remarkable fossil he unearthed in 1990 is the core of Fiffer\'s book \"Tyrannosaurus Sue.\" 

\"The fossil named Sue is one of the most famous discoveries in the history of paleontology. It is certainly the most infamous. The find led to acrimonious lawsuits, criminal prosecutions and an unprecedented bidding war. The fossil that should have cemented Larson\'s scientific and financial position ended up bankrupting him, and breaking his heart.

Larson wasn\'t the first person to see Sue. It was a free-lance fossil hunter, Sue Hendrickson, who spotted the fossil embedded in a hill on the barren Dakota plain. She was working for the Black Hills Institute, the commercial fossil enterprise Larson runs with his brother Neil. But Peter Larson named the dinosaur, led the team that pulled her from the ground, and spent nearly two years studying the bones as they were painstakingly extracted from the rock that held them for nearly 70 million years.\" 

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