Philosophers at the Movies


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Philosophers at the Movies

Colin McGinn is a serious philosopher who has written some very interesting things about the movies, most
notably “The Matrix.” (You can find his article, “The Matrix of Dreams,” on the official website for the film
under the philosophy section. He will also have a two new books
coming out in 2003 - “Mindsight: Image, Dream, Meaning” and “Screen Dreams,” comparing movies to dreams
in a serious, philosophical style. In 2002 he published a very readable and interesting autobiography, “The
Making of a Philosopher: My Journey Through Twentieth-Century Philosophy.” The most exciting thing in
relation to movies that he will be doing over the next two years is helping Films for the Humanities and Sciences
produce a new series of educational films about the history of philosophy. This company presently has several
series of films, mostly produced in the late Seventies, made by the BBC, interviewing philosophers at Oxford
where McGinn studied and taught. The series will range from ancient to many aspects of contemporary
philosophy – 13 chapters, 50 mins. Each. He has relocated to Rutgers that presently has the highest-ranked
philosophy program in the English speaking world. Locally, Dr. Robin Broughton of WV State, who has a
Masters in philosophy, will be showing the new film “Derrida” in her course on media analysis. Also, Gordon
Simmons, a teacher at WV State and other local community colleges, will also be using that film and others in his
four philosophy courses. My review of “Derrida” is posted on the film’s website, along with the London Times,
etc. review. I chose it as one of my “Top Ten” films of 2002.


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