At Amazon, any review is a good review


The Post Gazette has this funny article about the reviewers at
\"Feeding our primal need to rate is just one of the benefits of technology. It
also makes it possible to create minor celebrities, since top reviewers also
get their own page on Amazon. And, perhaps best of all, at least if you
happen to be in the business of selling books: All the reviews are positive!\"\"Poor Fred Emerson Brooks.

Not only was his work plucked from obscurity for the anthology \"Very
Bad Poetry,\" which includes his masterpiece \"The Stuttering Lover.\" But he
also must suffer the exacting indignity of, where \"Very Bad
Poetry\" is ranked 73,622 on Amazon\'s \"bestseller\" list.

I suppose the author of No. 73,623 feels
even worse. Then again, authors have been
known to purchase their own books --
sometimes all it takes is half a dozen copies
-- to jump a few thousand notches toward
the top. Maybe not all the way to No. 1, but still. As John F. Kennedy\'s
father told him before the 1960 West Virginia primary: \"Don\'t buy one vote
more than necessary. I\'ll be damned if I\'ll pay for a landslide.\"

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