Mitch Freedman on The National Library of Uganda

Mitch Freedman Passed along this open letter:
Dear Mr. Batambuze,

On behalf of the American Library Association and its 66,000 members from 100 nations, I extend
to you, to all of your colleagues, and to your fellow citizens, all of whom worked to make this day
possible, the newly born National Library of Uganda (NLU), ALA\'s heartiest and most sincere
congratulations and best wishes.

It is an important achievement for the nation of Uganda and for its people.

We look forward to the development of the National Library of Uganda, and the important services
it will provide to the people of Uganda.

Again, congratulations and best wishes from the American Library Association, and from me,

Maurice J. (Mitch) Freedman, MLS, PhD
President of the American Library Association; [email protected]

Director, Westchester (NY) Library System
410 Saw Mill River Road - Suite 1000
Ardsley, NY 10502-2605 Voice: (914) 231-3223; fax: (914) 674-4193


Dear Colleagues,

The piece of news making rounds in professional circles in Uganda is the newly born National
Library of Uganda (NLU). The establishment of the NLU follows last week\'s Presidential assent
to the National Library Act 2002, passed by Parliament in September 2002. Until then, Uganda
had Makerere University Library playing a surrogate role. For many years there has been
professional haggling over whether to ask government to establish a proper National Library of
Uganda. A chance to do this offered itself when the Public Libraries Board also established by
Act of Parliament in 1964, was compelled to decentralise Public Library Services to local
governments by the Local Governments Act 1997. Effective from the date of assent, the Public
Libraries Board ceased to exist and in its place the National Library of Uganda established.

The NLU has already put in place a Board who have moved fast to approve structures for the
NL, and a work plan. The Social Sector Development Investment Plan awaiting government
approval, has made provisions for the development of the NL.

Charles Batambuze

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