Top Technology Trends for Libraries


Pat Ensor writes \"Top Technology Trends for Libraries: Y2K - from the Library and Information Technology Association

What technological issues have a good chance of affecting libraries in the next few years? A dozen leading members of the
Library and Information Technology Association are keeping up with that and discussing issues online and in person, so that
you can stay informed.

Read on for details....
On January 16, 2000, at the American Library Association Midwinter Conference, Karen Coyle, Walt Crawford, Pat
Earnest, Dean K. Jue, Erik Jul, Dan Marmion, Joan Frye Williams, and Tom Wilson participated in the second annual
discussion of top technologically-related trends for library futures. In addition, Elizabeth Lane Lawley, Clifford Lynch, Roy
Tennant, and Milton Wolf have been involved in online discussions. Their insights, collectively and individually, will help you
to prepare for the always-uncertain future. Connect and check it out!

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