The importance of being Googled


Gary Deane, our Canadian correspondant, sent over This National Post Story thet says Google is, arguably, the most important site on the Internet. It is an inescapable fact of Internet life.
They take a good look at the law suit brought by a company called SearchKing, where it alleges that Google changed the way it ranks pages, and that the change in ranking hurt SearchKing\'s business.
They go on to ask:

\"Is it, perhaps, a public utility, and therefore deserving of regulation? Is it an example of a network effect, where increasing users have created an unassailable standard that has daunting market power? And if that is the case, what if Google became more arbitrary in its rankings, as SearchKing is already alleging?\"

[Update] Jessamyn points to A Great Discussion on This over at Lawmeme.

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