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I seem to have a back log of movie oriented stories here...
Cavan McCarthy sent over This BBC Story that says More than 1,000 original prints of old Indian movies - some the only copies - have been destroyed in a fire at the Film and Television Institute of India.

I found What do movies owe an author?, a Knight Ridder story, on Books, and the movies they inspire, or movies and the books they are created from.

Steve Fesenmaier points to, and writes the following, below....Steve Fesenmaier writes \"
The Film Society of Lincoln Center will present its second annual Film Comment Selects, a series previewing \"must-see\"
films that are currently unavailable in the United States
as well as screenings of work that will be released in the
near future. The editorial staff of the Film Society\'s
publication, Film Comment magazine, selected the features
which include four new films by French directors Olivier
Assayas (\"demonlover\"), Raul Ruiz (\"Love Torn in Dream\"),
Philippe Grandrieux (\"The New Life\"), and Catherine Breillat
(\"Brief Crossing\").

The roster also features work from China, India and
Kazakhstan, as well as domestic fare. Larry Clark\'s
controversial Toronto fest fave \"Ken Park\" will screen on
February 9. A Lincoln Center press release describes the film
as \"a confrontation with the maddening morality of Clark, and
see a film that has repulsed even the most hardcore
distributors (Don\'t even think about bringing the kids.)\"
Also coming from the U.S. is Michael Almereyda\'s sci-fi
thriller, \"Happy Here and Now,\" and Alan Rudolph\'s marital
drama \"The Secret Lives of Dentists.\" \"

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