The Digital Revolution Hits the Books
has a cool Story on a new
museum exhibit in CA that shows \"The Future of

\" Books use sensors to produce
sound, dozens of pages of text fit onto one screen,
ordinary-looking business cards can be encoded with
\"glyphs\" containing invisible resumes, and a little boy\'s
life story can be laid out on a giant fish-eye

You can visit the exhibit Online\"What this shows is anti-convergence,\" said Rich Gold,
a Xerox researcher. \"We\'re saying the real digital
revolution is how many diverse ways you can read.\"

Gold manages a Xerox team called RED, or Research
in Experimental Documents, that is charged with
developing \"evocative\" ways of reading. RED is part of
the famed Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, or Xerox

The exhibit, which consists of a dozen mini-exhibits,
opened in March and runs until September.

It features \"tilty tables\" to show how people may view
large documents, such as blueprints, in the future. The
tables sit on pneumatic shock absorbers. Visitors tilt
the tables omnidirectionally to view different parts of the

\"You use your body when you read, but you don\'t think of
it that way,\" Gold said. \"We\'re trying to break the idea
that the only way you read is in a book, lying down.\"

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