Free as Air, Free As Water, Free As Knowledge


Bruce Sterling made This Speech to the Library Information Technology Association way back in
June 1992.Even 10 years ago he said Academia, libraries, cultural institutions were under protracted commercial siege.
Though, in his predictions he was off, just a bit:
\"Welcome to the Library of Congress. Jolt Cola is the official drink of the Library of Congress.\"
We now know it\'s Coke.

\"What\'s information really about? It seems to me there\'s something direly wrong with the ``Information Economy.\'\' It\'s not about data, it\'s about attention. In a few years you may be able to carry the Library of Congress around in your hip pocket. So? You\'re never gonna read the Library of Congress. You\'ll die long before you access one tenth of one percent of it. What\'s important --- increasingly important --- is the process by which you figure out what to look at. \"

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