Books will survive!!

The Times of India has this neat article regarding the future of the print publishing.
\"The printed word and books would retain their importance in the coming years, despite the advent of digital technology and the electronics revolution, according to James Billington, librarian of the American Library of Congress.

Mr Billington, chief of the world\'s largest library, appeared face to face with librarians and information technology officials of Mumbai, at the first digital video conference held at the American Center on Thursday evening. It was held in celebration of 200 years of the library.\"

\"Mr Billington said the publication of printed material in the world went up by six to seven per cent in the last one year, which shows that there is no threat to the printed word. ``I am all in favour of books and they will continue to have their place in the new information age. I made this point clear at a recent meeting of the National Press Club in America,\'\' he said.

He said books will continue to have an important place in the Library of Congress, despite advances in technology. They will not be discarded. There is a policy not to throw original books or music, film records. Scholars want to see the originals, he said.\"

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