Mother-daughter book clubs


From Jessamyn\'s
sometime home Seattle
comes This Heart Warming
of Mother-daughter book clubs.

private homes, libraries and bookstores around greater
Seattle, mother-daughter book clubs like Kingsgate\'s
meet to share a love of literature - and each other.\"These clubs work \"because it isn\'t just about books,\"
writes Shireen Dodson in \"The Mother-Daughter Book
Club,\" the book that helped set off a club trend
nationwide. \"It isn\'t just about reading or mastering
analytical skills. It\'s about mothers and daughters, girls
and women, and how reading and talking together can
enrich our relationships with one another and
strengthen our daughters\' courage to be themselves.\"

Mother-daughter clubs are currently one of the hottest
types of book gatherings. \"We\'ve wanted to do it for a
long time,\" said Anne Meridian, children\'s librarian at
Renton\'s Fairwood Library, which attracts up to 17
mother-daughter pairs for its monthly club. \"We tried
before, but there wasn\'t enough interest. Book clubs
are so in now.\"

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