Parents want Whoopi out


JSOnline in Milwaukee, has this Story on local parents who want Whoopi Goldberg\'s biography removed from the shelves.

\"In a complaint filed with the Muskego-Norway School District, the Kanias describe a three-page excerpt from the 1997 book as \"enough to ruin the innocence of any 14-year-old.\"

You\'d think they\'d want to get rid of it because she\'s not funny!
Though the Kanias\' initial request to pull the book from the Muskego High School library was denied by a committee, \"Whoopi Goldberg: Her Journey from Poverty to Mega-Stardom\" will be reviewed by the School Board at a hearing May 22.

Under district policy, people who complain about a book can request a formal hearing by the entire board if their initial attempt to remove the book failed.

The Kanias specifically objected to the first chapter of James Robert Parish\'s biography, which detail Danson\'s controversial blackface performance at a New York Friars Club \"roast\" in Goldberg\'s honor.

The Friars Club is famous for its often-raunchy celebrity roasts.

Opening passages of the book describe Danson\'s explicit remarks at the event, which included graphic descriptions of sexual activities with Goldberg.

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