Readers Retreat


The National
is running a Story on a woman who, after her
book store
falied, started a
weekend retreat for readers. A canadian Author and a
few lucky people spend
a themed weekend together.

Called Weekends for Readers, the program
features a Canadian writer who, along with Duthie and
her husband and business partner, Nick Hunt, hosts a
themed literary weekend. Kicking off the series this
weekend is William Deverell, author of 11 books, most
recently the best-selling novel Slander. (His next book,
The Laughing Falcon, is a spoof of both the thriller and
romance-novel genres.) Deverell\'s theme this weekend
is \"Law and Literature.\" As many as 30 guests are
gathering to eat, drink and talk books, based on a
reading list that ranges from QB VII and To Kill a
Mockingbird to Anatomy of a Murder. \"I\'ve done plenty of
workshops for writer wannabes,\" Deverell says, \"but
never something where I\'m expected just to talk and
read and mingle and rub elbows with readers. Sitting
about and noshing up a bit of food and having some
drinks. It\'s a fairly novel venture on her part, so to
speak.\" Despite the reading list, Deverell has no idea
what level of discourse to expect after his public
reading. \"I\'m just going to wing it. You can\'t prepare
yourself for conversation.\"

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