Dated Books Make Time Stand Still

The Washington Times has this story on outdated school libraries.
\"Browse a typical school library and you\'ll learn that humans haven\'t yet set foot on the moon and \"stewardesses\" must quit working when they get married.
Although the latest research indicates that a well-stocked and well-staffed school library actually boosts students\' scores on standardized tests, many school libraries contain books that are outdated by decades and often filled with offensive stereotypes.\"
\"In addition to being factually outdated, many books are filled with sexist and racist images, librarians say.
One brightly illustrated picture book, published in 1962 and titled \"Colonial Life in America,\" describes plantation life in idyllic terms: \"A large plantation was like a village. Slaves had their own cabins.\"
Another book, \"Studying the Middle East,\" was published in 1968 and states that Arabs \"are addicted to leisure.\"

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