Published and Perished

Wired is
running an intersting Story on the problems authors are
running into with online publishing. The publishers
obviously need a librarian to run things

\"In fact,
the online publishing industry may be creating more
obstacles than opportunities for aspiring writers. Within
the next 18 months, the Web will add approximately
500,000 more titles.
\"How can any author hope to break through those
numbers?\" Childers asked.

Two more e-publishing ventures were announced
Monday, adding to the already crowded playing field.

The British website -- not to be
confused with the already-existing --
plans to electronically publish novels at no charge and
offer them for sale online.

The second company,, bills itself
as both a writer\'s personal agent and publisher. It also
will act as distributor, placing books in bookstores and
other appropriate venues.

\"We are the only completely free print and
electronic-book publisher,\" said Jonathan Aspatore,
CEO of, adding that offers \"unprecedented royalties\"
of 50 percent of sales.

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