Digital library of Chinese Buddhist texts debuts

A collaboration between the National Library of China and the British Library has resulted in the Digital Dunhuang Website:

The Dunhuang Library Cave in northwest China was accidentally found by a Taoist priest when he was clearing sand from the No. 16 grotto on June 22, 1900. The cave, sealed for 850 years, holds more than 50,000 relics dating from the 4th to 11th centuries.

However, these documents became scattered around the world. The NLC has collected over 16,000 pieces and the BL more than 13,000.

Ren Jiyu, director of the National Library of China, said the situation had been \"very inconvenient for Dunhuang research.\"

\"To make Dunhuang documents accessible to scholars and let manymore people know about Dunhuang as well as share these treasured resources . . the NLC and BL signed an agreement to collaborate on the International Dunhuang Project (IDP) to present images of Dunhuangdocuments and information on scholars and their researches on the website,\" he said.

Complete article from the \"People\'s Daily\". More from the British Library.

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