Scholarly Publishers Aim to Woo Librarians Away From Self-Published Research

The Chronicle of Higher Education has a Story, spotted by Jen Young, on a public-relations campaign intended to improve publishers\' image among librarians and academics. Supporters of the campaign say that it will be an attempt to mend relations with librarians and academics.
I say that\'ll happen when publishers stop gouging libraries. The campaign will not focus on the sharply rising cost of journal subscriptions because the publishers don\'t see \"it as the key issue.\" I would think it\'s safe to say librarians see it as The Key Issue.

\"The problem is that a lot of commercial publishers are not only addicted to profits -- they are addicted to high revenue growth, too,\" he says. \"That creates a situation that is sure to motivate alternative systems for disseminating knowledge.\"-Kenneth Frazier, director of libraries at the University of Wisconsin at Madison

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