Library may be making its employees sick has a scary Little Story


Recent concerns raised over health problems experienced by some Santa Fe city library employees have officials combing the Main Library for fungi that could be the source.
More than a dozen employees of the Main Library have experienced recent health problems...\"They\'re dropping like flies,\" said Anthony Montoya, head of local American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. The union represents 630 City Hall employees, including librarians.
\"They\'ve had respiratory problems and some with colds,\" Montoya added. \"It\'s a mess.\"
City Manager Frank DiLuzio said the Washington Avenue library, which once housed City Hall and the jail before becoming Santa Fe\'s main book stop, recently underwent tests to detect microscopic organisms and a duct cleaning. Some were found, though it wasn\'t immediately clear at what level.

Further tests and cleaning of air ducts are coming, he added.
\"We\'ve had complaints from employees, and they may be tied to molds and fungus,\" DiLuzio said.
Fungi spread in warm and humid conditions and can affect humans in a number of ways. Some common consequences of exposure to some types of fungus include runny nose, sneezing, sinus congestion and skin rashes.

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