For us, the library was home has a nice Little Story on how a library changed the lives of 2 kids from Kosova.

\"When Tahir Veliqi and Adnon Berisha left with their families from war-torn Kosova and arrived in Grande Prairie almost 10 months ago, they didn\'t know if they would see or even hear from their friends and relatives again.
But thanks to technology and a little help from the Grande Prairie Public Library staff, the teenagers have kept in touch with home. Days after their arrival last summer, Veliqi and Berisha came to the library to access its free Internet service.\"The pair has hardly missed a day looking up the Kosova news, reading their country\'s history or searching for Albanian/English dictionaries. The Internet and the library have been the lifelines they\'ve needed to continue on with their lives.
\"For us the library was home - at least we knew what was happening,\" explained 16-year-old Veliqi, a Grade 9 student at Alexander Forbes who learned basic English in school before he left Kosova.
\"We were in contact with our other friends and family.\"
The thanks comes during a particularly special time for the Grande Prairie Public Library, as it celebrates Alberta Library Week, Tuesday through Sunday. The week is designed to learn, read and celebrate all that the province\'s libraries have to offer and to recognize the vital contribution they make to their communities

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