Cool Prizes at the Library


This article from the Piedmont Triad News is interesting as it reports on giving kids \"incentives\" to come into the library.
\"What\'s a sure way to get children and young adults into the single biggest vault of knowledge to be found in their town?

Simple: Appeal to their basic sense of greed.

Public and school libraries across the state on Saturday began a three-year campaign to raise youth\'s awareness of the learning opportunities found within their walls, and they did it by offering prizes ranging from compact disc players and NASCAR tickets to U.S. Savings Bonds, computers and rounds of mini-golf.\"\"To be eligible for the booty, all the kids have to do is visit their respective libraries and ask the people who work there to show them how to do research on their topic. The child will then fill out a raffle card with the name of the librarian they spoke to and what the librarian told them to do.\"
\"It\'s a way to show a kid that this is another place, besides school, to learn about things,\" said Jim Zola, a children\'s librarian at High Point Public Library.

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