Teenagers work to change peers\' view of library

A Story from Miami that shows anyone canhelp in the library

\"Members of the Teens With a Vision program volunteer after school at the library, shelving books, making arts and crafts for preschool storytelling, and performing other tasks.
At their monthly meeting on Tuesday at the Hallandale Branch Library, the teens decided that a fashion show and a multicultural day will attract others their age to the library.

Marion McKenzie, youth services librarian at the library at 300 S. Federal Hwy., has worked in Broward County libraries for 19 years and says the number of children and teens coming into the library has increased over the years.

But she said she is concerned with the way many of today\'s teens view the library.

``I believe most youths have negative images of the library,\'\' McKenzie said. ``But libraries are changing. They have a vast amount of technology and information the kids will need because if they are not educated, it will hinder them in their lives.\'\'

McKenzie organized a fashion show three years ago. When she suggested a reprise, the teens were excited. McKenzie will require every participant to read one book.

``Teens like to show off their clothes and keep up with the fads,\'\' McKenzie said.

``I try to keep it fun but educational.\'\'

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