Drew Carey wins (fill in the blank) dollars on Millionaire


Drew Carey has won big money on \"Who Wants to be a Millionaire\", so says and article in the Chicago Tribune. Carey has stated that he will donate his winnings to Ohio Libraries, but the amount that he has won has not been released.
\"But we\'ll allow Carey to add this much: \"Only five people,\" he says, have won the amount of dough that he was able to walk away with.

While you\'re trying to figure out exactly how many have won how much (clue: Carey didn\'t win a million), we\'ll tell you that the celebrity version of \"Who Wants to Be a Millionaire\" airs Monday through Wednesday at 7 p.m. and Thursday at 8 p.m. on [ABC]\"

\"Carey revealed another behind-the-scenes tidbit about the star matchup, the proceeds of which are going to the participants\' favorite charities. (Carey was playing for the library system of his native Ohio.)

\"For all the celebrities, they wanted us each to win at least $32,000. And so they kept all of our microphones on and kept us lit up [in spotlights] while the other celebrities were up there,\" says Carey.

\"That way the celebrities could kind of like cough -- go `kaff-kaff!\' -- if we thought the answer was wrong. Rosie gave me a big hint on one question I was going to get wrong.\"

But charity and civility go only so far. After the celebrities reached the $32,000 plateau, the microphones switched off, the lights went dark and \"then you were on your own,\" Carey says.\"

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