Mad about Harry Potter


The Financial Times has a lengthy Article on the incredible popularity of Harry Potter.

\"From toys and computer games to designer sportswear and pop music, children are, increasingly, a market to be reckoned with. But not until last year, when global sales of J.K. Rowling\'s three Harry Potter books took off, had anyone thought that reading - that most Victorian of pastimes - could seriously compete with the high-tech, multimedia entertainments of today\"For the publishing industry, it has all been something of an upset. \"I think it\'s helped people to take children\'s publishing very seriously,\" says Sarah Odedina, children\'s editorial director at Bloomsbury, Rowling\'s publisher.

\"It\'s always been seen as something you grow out of, and has been rather sidelined, but suddenly children\'s publishing is being recognised as a real creative powerhouse . . . now people are speaking of children\'s authors with the same kind of respect that they use for writers of adult fiction.\"

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