Paper connected to the internet


R Hadden sent in this story from theNew Scientist, they have a very interesting Story on a nifty sounding paper.

\"IT\'S goodbye to the idea of the paperless office: a new electronic pen could bring paper back with a bang. Instead of tapping away on a computer keyboard, the new pen lets you scribble e-mails freehand on special paper and then send it across the Internet via your mobile phone.\"

As you write an appointment in your organiser, your words are recognised by a camera in the pen and instantly transmitted to a PC where they appear in a Microsoft Outlook organiser package. Similarly, you can draw pictures or write messages in your own scrawl--or have it converted to text--before choosing to e-mail it, fax it or send it as a text message via your mobile phone.

The pen will open up an entirely new market in e-commerce by letting you buy items advertised in a magazine just by scribbling your credit card details on the page and ticking the \"buy\" box. The plan is to have special advertisements on the magazine page printed with the dot pattern to allow the pen to do this.

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