It\'s A Mad World

Bob Cox writes: \"I got this from Netsurf:\"

\"The FBI vs. Mad Magazine

\"Scratch a fed and paranoia oozes out. Used to anyway, and we don\'t suppose it\'s
much different right now. Back in the day, the subversive Mad Magazine - you
know, Spy vs Spy, Don Martin, Alfred E. Neuman - liked to spoof the FBI and its
then supreme honcho, J. Edgar Hoover, or J. Edgar Electrolux as the magazine
sometimes called him. Hoover, no man to take a joke lightly, sent his boys to
check into the decadent, commie rag, to make sure no speck of dirt went
unvacuumed.\"This isn\'t something Mad made up, this was for real - one has got
to keep organs of the state respected and feared, after all. Ed Norris obtained
239 pages of FBI files about Mad under the Freedom of Information-Privacy Acts
and has put them online. Some of the stuff consists of letters from citizens
with a poor sense of humor complaining about the magazine. Clearly, Hoover
didn\'t appreciate what he considered a tasteless misuse of his name, or the
magazine\'s ridicule of his agency. Material about the Draft Dodger Club, which
invited members to write to the FBI for membership cards, is particularly

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