AOL\'s filters evil democrats and Nader


CNET has a
funny (In a sad way) Story on AOL\'s
\"youth filters\" that are filtering out sites like Ralph
Nader\'s Green Party or Ross Perot\'s Reform Party, and
The Democratic National Committee is blocked.

Sites promoting gun use are available, including
Colt, Browning and the National Rifle Association. But
prominent gun safety organizations are blocked,
including the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, Safer
Guns Now and the Million Mom March. \"It\'s not just indecency that AOL is trying to keep away
from children,\" says Susan Wishnetsky, a Chicago

As a board member of a youth rights organization,
Wishnetsky feels the dominant Internet service provider
is \"eliminating the scope of experience kids have
access to.\"

AOL spokesman Rich D\'Amato said today that he was
\"unaware of any conservative bias\" in the youth filters
used by the service.

The software firm that produces the filtering rules is
The Learning Company, a unit of toymaker Mattel,
which the toymaker says it plans to sell off.

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