Call for Contributors from LISJobs

Rachel writes \"I\'m seeking contributors for the January and March issues of the Info Career Trends electronic newsletter, which focuses on professional development issues for librarians.

January\'s theme, \"multitasking,\" encompasses every aspect of wearing many hats: balancing work/family responsibilities, holding down duties in several departments, finding the time for professional development while still completing daily tasks, and so on.

March\'s theme, \"jobs, salaries, and raises,\" is as straightforward as it sounds. Possible topics include: job-hunting strategies, salary negotiation, choosing and finding the right type of position.

ICT seeks short, practical articles. Guidelines for contributors are available At LISJobs . For more about the newsletter and access to past issues, see . Please be sure to browse through previous articles and read the contributor guidelines before querying. Address all queries via e-mail to: [email protected].
Newer writers welcome! \"

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