ACME founding Summit set for Oct. 18-20, 2002

Robin Kildow writes \"Of definite interest to librarians and educators nationwide:
(Unfortunately, the early-bird registration deadline has passed)

The Action Coalition for Media Education (ACME) has organized its founding \"summit\" for October 18-20, 2002 in Albuquerque, NM.

Its call to conference states:

\"We are the most heavily mediated society in world history. Powerful media tools-print, radio, television, the Internet-can bring a rich diversity of information into every home and school. Yet just a few corporate players control much of the media system that shapes our culture.
\"In response to great demand from media education advocates and enthusiasts, a new, national organization is forming that will tackle the challenges brought on by our current global media system. The ACME Summit is a forum that will address these issues.

\"With today\'s media environment offering both great opportunity and tremendous threat, we must teach media literacy skills to children and adults so they can become more critical, active media consumers. We must democratize our media system and develop a wide array of independent media voices. The health and well-being of our children, our culture, and our democracy are at stake.\"

suggested by:

Robin Kildow
Academic Librarian
UW-Milwaukee Libraries
Milwaukee, WI \"

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