Librarian hazards


Ron Force sent in this Story From The Seattle
, Friday, April 21 edition.

\"Architect Rem Koolhaas not only has designed a
striking exterior for the Seattle Public Library, but he\'s
apparently set on revolutionizing the library\'s interior, as

Rumor is he wants the entire library collection (a k a
books) placed in a continuous sequence, arranged on
shelves ascending seamlessly from lower level to
upper levels.
That would indeed be visually stunning. But there\'s one
problem: What happens to the carts used to shelve
books? If left untended, will library carts hurtle downhill,
knocking patrons flat?

Sources say the library is anticipating this challenge,
developing a motorized book cart with a so-called
\"dead man\'s switch.\" This leads to a second concern:
possible ankle injuries for librarians. \"

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