Berman wins victory - LC to create new subject heading


Steve Fesenmaier writes \"Sanford Berman, using documentation provided by me, wrote the Library of Congress. Mr. Yee has acted quickly and within a few weeks - is this a record?- will create an important new subject heading. Filmmakers, authors, and others around WV and the country also wrote Mr. Yee. Congrats to all - and to Mr. Yee - for acting so quickly. The recent Pa. coal mine disaster may have helped our cause - disasters often cause change in Appalachcia. Here is Mr. Yee\'s letter -

Dear Steve Fesenmaier:

In response to documentation received from Sandy Berman and you, a
Cataloging Policy and Support Office subject cataloging policy
specialist has proposed the subject heading MOUNTAINTOP REMOVAL MINING
on August 6, 2002. Subject to review by a subject heading editorial
process, I fully expect that this subject heading will become an
approved LCSH subject term in a couple of weeks.

Many thanks for writing us!

Tom Yee
Assistant chief
Cataloging Policy and Support Office
Library of Congress
Washington, DC 20540 \"