Architecture Anarchy and How to Survive It

Enterprise Systems Journal has an interesting Article on Data Warehousing. They examine the alternative architectures available, some of the market forces that are shaping the current and future BI architecture environment, and factors to consider when choosing your architectural path.
Here it is, the new century, and amazingly enough, we’re still hearing raging debates about \"top down\" architectures versus \"bottom up\" construction approaches to building data warehouse and data mart systems. Those of us in the trenches had written this off as old news two years ago, and have been concentrating on building real business intelligence (BI) system solutions to solve real business problems with whichever architecture best fits the unique characteristics of the site. Those of us who actually build these systems for a living had long since recognized that both approaches are valid, both work and both end up at the same goal – the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW). But onward the debate rages, with the gurus surrounded by their polemists waging battle with speeches, white papers and surveys. The charges and counter-charges fly back and forth, with both sides claiming that theirs is the one, true, single way to build an EDW.\"

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