Anonymity @ Your Library on Slashdot

Slashdot is carrying an interesting discussion on building anonymity into software for libraries. Proposals include a reasonably secure web-surfing suite (it could run from CD and write everything to a virtual disk in memory) and letting patrons get anonymous library cards (or simply check out a book for cash and return it for cash, minus late fees and damages).

Naturally, US libraries that did this sort of thing might have to forgo federal funds at some point, but I imagine that some of them have already told the government to stick the e-rate where the sun don\'t shine in order to avoid filtering...

Just to clarify: I don\'t have any idea what libraries near Seattle, Washington have done about filtering and e-rate money. It was a joke. And despite my use of an old vaudeville joke, it looks like the sun may actually shine Monday morning in Seattle! Go figure.

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