Expert Soup


Today on Traffick I offer this overview of services dispensing expert advice on the Internet. They now come in many different flavors. I\'m sure this only scratches the surface, so if you have other suggestions, please add a comment.

An excerpt from a look at one such service, called Clip2:

Now you too can be a guide. At this service, you don\'t have to pretend to be an expert (phew!). Clip2 allows anyone with a hobby or interest to collect and annotate links on that topic - sort of like setting up your own Geocities web site but without all the hassles. The most popular guides - as measured by click rates - are featured on the main Clip2 page. In essence then your public will rate your work. If it isn\'t up to scratch, everyone will know!

This is a handy tool, but with a proliferation of online bookmark services and guide sites out there, they may have a tough time generating enough buzz around the place to make it worth dropping in. Not only is Clip2 duking it out with services like Yahoo Clubs, Excite Communities, and Xoom Sharehouse, but also against the expert and guide sites AND the many online bookmarking services: Blink, Backflip, Hotlinks, and Power Favorites.

At best, Clip2 is an Open Directory with a twist. At worst, it\'s a glorified online bookmarks utility.

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