Keepers of the Flame in a Brave New World


Keepers of the Flame in a Brave New World is James A. Gollata\'s Keynote Address for the Wisconsin Association of Academic Librarians Annual Conference. Presented at opening luncheon on Wednesday, 17 April 2002.

He makes 9 very interesting predictions, and finished with this:

\"We have all joined the new priesthood of technicians, it seems. We needn\'t be the inventors or the hardware or software specialists, but we certainly can learn to work as best we can with developments as they occur. We can embrace, rather than reject. And we can continue to embrace, as well, the history of the word, and specifically the printed word. It will endure. And WE will endure, in whatever medium. And while preserving the past, we can be creative within this brave new world, and we can continue, ALWAYS -- in whatever manner necessary -- to keep the flame.\"

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