Encyclopedia Fits Into Palm of Hand


Excite News Has this interesting business-side oriented story on how Encyclopaedia Britannica\'s image has seen a dizzying transformation.

\"The new, gizmo-loving side of the august publisher showed through again Monday with the introduction of a software application that gives users of Palm handheld computers access to all 44 million words of the encyclopedia.

\"Britannica now goes wherever you go,\" said Don Yannias, chief executive officer of Britannica.com Inc., the Chicago encyclopedia publisher\'s digital arm.
\"Britannica Traveler, the company\'s first initiative in the fast-growing world of wireless information transmission, is designed for use with the popular Palm VII organizer, though applications are expected out soon for other products.

According to a February study by International Data, the U.S. market is expected to increase more than eightfold to 61.5 million users by 2003 as Americans increasingly surf the Net from places other than their computer desks.

Britannica hopes its new application will help it claim a healthy share, luring more Internet surfers to its 6-month-old retooled Web site, www.britannica.com.

I KNOW THAT GOODER IS NOT A WORD! No need to email and flame me on that, thanks.-Blake

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