Winner of 2002 Sanford Berman Award

Steve Fesenmaier writes \"Maria Menendez de Moschel, a member of the Support Staff at the Southdale-Hennepin County Library system, has been awarded the 2002 Sanford Berman Social Responsibility Award for her commitment and outreach to the Latino community. The award was created to honor Sanford Berman, who served as head cataloger at the Hennepin County Library system for 26 years. It is presented annually by AFSCME Locals 2864 (librarians) and 2822 (associate librarians and support staff) to an employee who has made a unique and valuable contribution to humanity through his/her work in HCL. When a grand made it possible to reach out to Richfield, Minnesota\'s growing Latino community, \'Maria instilled wisdom, and was the heart and voice in the planning and execution\' of the grant, often working evenings and weekends to distribute information about the library and to make connections in the Latino business community. \'She recognized needs, identified community resources and created an up-to-date list of agencies prepared to work directly and effectively with the immigrant population.

She reviewed materials already in HCL, explored the easiest access to those materials using the Library\'s catalog, and checked both online and print catalogs to enhance and expand the collection.\' Although the grand program has ended, Maria continues (on her own time) to communicated with Latino organizations and individuals to stay current regarding issues I the community. With her supervisor\'s approval, she has visited the Legal Aid Society to discuss the resolution of business issues that concern the immigrant community. She has also developed a list of referrals for victims of illegal business practices, and is ever available at the library to act as interpreter for Spanish-speaking patrons. In the words of a colleague who nominated her: \'Maria embodies the spirit and expertise that opens the door and makes library services available and understandable to new residents.\'

(Call Jan DeSirey at 952-847-5909 for more information.) -30- More than a Paycheck \' Roll the Union On Sanford Berman Official Website

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