For The Fourth

Lee Hadden writes: \"There is an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal, July 3,
2002, pages B1 and B3, on the preservation efforts of the National Archives
to protect and display the major documents of American history.\"

He also points out the Wachenheim Gallery at the New York Public Library has one of only five or six copies
of Jefferson\'s original draft
he had mailed to
friends, to show where
the congressional
editors had struck. It\'s on display
through July 13.

Bob Cox points out This Story that says the Dallas Central Library has one of the few remaining
original printings of the Declaration of Independence, hermetically sealed in a glass box controlled for
temperature, humidity and light. The copy now on permanent display in Dallas was discovered in 1968 in the basement of a used-book
store in Philadelphia that had closed after 132 years.

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