The Web-Less Future


The Standard has a rather interesting Article on what the future holds for the web. The author presents several reasons why in the future we may move away from web pages. Technologies like wireless access, napster, and zaplets could change the way we interact with one anotherUp until now, the center of e-business has been the Web site. It\'s been assumed that the way to deliver content and commerce, as well as ads and links, is to arrange them in pages that can be read by users\' browsers. Companies have dumped huge amounts of cash into fine-tuning site architecture and design to make their pages attractive and sticky.

But we\'re now at a moment of discontinuity in the Internet\'s history. New technologies are coming online that will destroy our Web-centric e-business ideas. As in the physical world, the virtual world will come to have many channels for distributing goods and transacting business. The Web will be just one channel, and it may not even be the most important one.

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