Summer 2002 Shy Librarian Out

Joe Cadieux writes: \"The Summer 2002 issue of THE SHY LIBRARIAN ( is now
out. SHY is a quarterly, ad-free, print magazine with a focus on library
programming, public relations, and marketing. The Summer issue features...
The Last Unicorn? Library Outreach Where You Might Not Expect It
By Kimberley Barker, Outreach Librarian & Asst. Professor, Georgia College &
State University, Ina Dillard Russell Library.

. Getting the Bugs Out: Insuring Safe and Successful Library Programs
By Brett W. Lear, Library Manager, Jefferson County Public Library,
Lakewood, Colorado.

. It\'s Cool Having Teens Work in the Library... It\'s Cold When They\'re Not
By Kurstin Finch Gnehm, Program Officer, Urban Libraries Council, Manager of
the Wallace-Reader\'s Digest Funds-supported \"Public Libraries as Partners
for Youth Development\" initiative.

. Dear Biblia: Library Advice Column
\"Dear Biblia\" is Amanda Credaro, who is also known at the Warrior Librarian
[ Full Text Available: ]

. Standing Ovations and Rave Reviews: Tulsa\'s Approach to Staff Recognition
By Barry Hensley, Tulsa City-County Library System, Chair, Library Employee
Recognition Committee, Tulsa, Oklahoma.
[ Full Text Available: ]

. Custom Or Service: What They Want Versus What We\'re Giving
By Peter Lisker, Interim Management Person (IMP), Department of Extension
Services, Buffalo & Erie County (NY) Public Library.

. There Are So Many Books... So Little Time
Opinion Column by Gerry Molyneaux, Media Librarian & Library Book Discussion
Leader, West Hartford Public Library, Connecticut.

. Writing a Weekly Library Newspaper Column
Jonathan Sabin, Information Coordinator, Manatee County Public Library
System, Bradenton, Florida.

. A New Frontier for an Academic Library
By Martha Bace, Assistant Professor for Monographic Cataloging at the
University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa.

. Editor\'s Column: Effectively Handling Library Communications in a Crisis
By Marcia Trotta, Director, Meriden Public Library, Meriden, Connecticut

. Just What Would Sallie Askew Do?
By Lisa Bartle, Reference librarian at the California State University, San
[ Full Text Available: ]

. The Mobile Library
A Short Story by Liz Palmer
QUOTE: After the children left, Chloe looked at her messy van. \"Here\'s a job
I\'ve been looking forward to - tidying up.\" Chloe kissed Trevor\'s felt mouth
with the mouth of the Nutsy costume. \"Thank you - for everything.\"

. This issue of THE SHY LIBRARIAN also includes over 80 reviews of new books for children
and teens, as well as reviews of professional books for librarians and
teachers. SHY reviews are written by librarians and teachers in the United
States of America.

To contribute to THE SHY LIBRARIAN, please send an email to:
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