Create a virtual library in your PC

PC World has an interesting how to Article on setting up your own E-Library on your PC. It shows where to get the software and even a few titles.

These links should all work now, if you tried them before, they we\'re all broken.A few od the titles listed:

  • Stephen King\'s Riding the Bullet : Stephen King ushers in the electronic book age with his newest thriller--available exclusively in e-book form. Hitchhike through rural Maine with Alan Parker, a college student whose car couldn\'t have broken down at a more inopportune time. This download is available for free at and requires Glassbook Reader. Alternately, you can pay $2.50 to purchase it at netLibrary, a company specializing in e-books.

  • Mary Shelley\'s Frankenstein: Read the classic gothic horror story in a whole new light. This free RocketEditon eBook chronicles the macabre tale of Dr. Victor Frankenstein and his quest to create life from death. The result of this quest--a gruesome creature with supernatural strength--turns into a murderer and forces Dr. Frankenstein to try to destroy his creation.

  • Aesop\'s Fables: Learn time-honored truths through ancient tales. This fully illustrated and animated electronic book brings Aesop into the digital age. Viewing software is included, but you must register the demo to get the entire collection of stories.

  • The Legend of Sleepy Hollow: You\'ve heard the story and seen the movie, but have you ever actually read the Washington Irving classic? If not, saddle up with Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman for a harrowing ride through Sleepy Hollow with this free RocketEdition eBook.


    These links should all work now, if you tried them before, they we\'re all broken.

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