British Library acquires archive beyond compare

The Gaurdian in the UK has this story on the vast archive of the actor and director Laurence Olivier.

\"The British Library has acquired the vast archive of the actor and director Laurence Olivier, it announced yesterday.
The avalanche of paper reveals a man who knew he was marked for greatness and began to hoard evidence for his life history from his early teenage years.\"
The 150 boxes, each holding dozens of files of letters, photographs and papers - he kept not only all the letters he received but in most cases his replies - contain his first Equity card, his RAF logbook and treasures such as a first draft of John Osborne\'s The Entertainer, which launched one of his greatest roles on stage and film.

The library\'s director, Brian Lang, called it \"an archive beyond compare\".

The papers were \"an extraordinary insight into his family life\", a staff member said. \"They reveal an amazingly meticulous man.\" Complaints about trivial things from members of the audience at the National Theatre received \"a proper letter in reply\".

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