Soon, you can update e-mails on the fly


ZDNet has a rather interesting story on a cool new email trick.

\"FireDrop is unveiling a new e-mail service that will let you update your message -- even after it was sent.\"Today\'s e-mail is dead on arrival,\" said FireDrop co-founder Brian Axe. \"It\'s current when it\'s sent, but not when it\'s read. We want to change that.\"

The system, called Zaplets, incorporates programming hooks that request updated information from FireDrop\'s central server once a user opens his or her e-mail. The information requests make it possible for the reader to see the original message, along with all the replies to that message, in a single screen. \"
FireDrop Vice President of Marketing Julie Welch insisted that the company\'s elaborate efforts to keep its plans secret were more than a simple promotional ploy designed to generate buzz. \"A new technology like this is always difficult and challenging to explain,\" Welch said. \"We had to get all the pieces in place first to have a credible story to tell.\"

Company officials declined to predict how many users will use Zaplets in the coming year. But, because users can use their existing e-mail addresses and software to tap into the application, Axe believes FireDrop and Zaplets will be able to ride word-of-mouth marketing to widespread usage of the service.

\"Just by using this product, people are going to become exposed to Zaplets and will start coming up with their own uses of the technology,\" Axe said.

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