Banning Books Infringes upon My Rights, says 13-year-old


A 13-year-old Ozark, Missouri youth has written a letter to the editor of his local paper about censorship.

\"I am just fed up with this \"Potter\" controversy. While I strongly disagree with forbidding children from reading them, I have to agree that parents have the right to tell their child not to read them.\"
However, it is not their right to force their beliefs on other children in schools. I thought separation between church and state was supposed to stop this sort of thing. That is the real controversy here worth worrying about.

Furthermore, if we are going back to the Dark Ages of banning books, why just the \"Harry Potter\" books? I don\'t see \"Lord of the Rings\" being run out of town and yet it has wizards and such. For that matter, what about every fantasy book out there?

I believe it is because when anything gets too popular there will always be some extremist who attacks it.

I believe very strongly in the Constitution. When someone else imposes their own personal beliefs and it affects my rights then the matter becomes much more serious than whether these particular books will be available to me at the school library.

Having my rights infringed upon is much more disturbing to me than reading a \"fantasy\" story about witches and warlocks.

If I, a 13-year-old boy, can recognize this, then why are so many adults in positions of control having difficulty seeing it?\"

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