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Unless you\'ve been on Mars, you know that the U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson says that Microsoft is doing \"violence\" to the competitive process. He has ruled Microsoft \"maintained its monopoly power by anti-competitive means and attempted to monopolize the Web browser market\". You can read the entire ruling At the The best story I found was from Jon Katz at Slashdot. He takes a rather interesting outlook on Microsoft and the place it holds on the industry.

\"The Microsoft Age began to unravel when programmers all over the earth connected and demonstrated that they could create a viable, ethical alternative operating system, sharing freely what was costing everybody else billions. It was accelerated by Bill Gates\' profound and distinctly non-visionary arrogance.\"Read on for a few more stories that may be of interest.Software outlaw roams the streets! from Salon.

Break up? Make up? Appeal? from Salon.

Judge to Microsoft: Guilty! from Salon.

From CNET a series of articles that cover the issue in depth.

CNNFN has a round up as well

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