Future of the net


cnsnews.com has an interview with Vint Cerf he\'s one of the two engineers who invented what has become the Internet. He said the future will see waves of advances in many areas because of the system.


In the not too distant future consumers may receive an email at work from their refrigerator at home letting them know that the orange juice is getting low or the milk is so old it\'s about to walk out on its own - such a concept isn\'t just a television commercial, in fact, Internet-ready refrigerator prototypes are already being tested in some parts of the world said one of the inventors of the computer system that has helped make the world a smaller place.\"

According to Cerf, engineers not only envision but also are working to implement advances such as the techno-fridge using scanners to read product bar codes combined with Internet technology in everyday life.

In a presentation on Capitol Hill this week, Cerf predicted interactive household appliances,
Radio via the Internet and other advances will be the wave of the near future. Still no word, however, on the flashing 12:00 on the VCR but expect the Internet to be available to you in your car.

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