Teens see the future of the net


Sick of reading stories about how teens use the net to cheat, build bombs, and generally do bad things? Well check out this positive story from
The State.com.

\"\"It\'s going to be a revolution,\" Stephen says. \"It\'s going to come to the point where you won\'t even have to leave your house to go to work, because you don\'t need to. Everything you can do, you can do it on the computer.\" Today\'s 10- to 17-year-olds are more enthusiastic about and comfortable with computers than any other U.S. age group, according to a new poll conducted by National Public Radio, the Kaiser Family Foundation and Harvard\'s Kennedy School of Government.

Of the children and teens polled, 85 percent said they\'re keeping up with computer technology. By cntrast, 49 percent of adults feel they\'re being left behind.

More than three-quarters of the kids and teens said they had a computer at home. Of those, three-quarters use the Internet or e-mail at home.

Author and media critic Jon Katz believes the Internet has become, for many kids, the most stimulating part of life. \"They\'re so much more engaged and challenged online than anywhere else in their lives,\" he says.

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