April Fools issue of Info-Library


Sharon Giles writes \"The April Fools issue of Info-Library: UT Southwestern Library News takes a look at the lighter side of the library biz. The stories you\'re about to read were all conceived in the (somewhat) warped minds of UT Southwestern Library staff. We hope we\'ve brought our readers a chuckle - in an informational sort of way, of course. Read on...and vote for your favorite story! We\'ll publish the results and your comments in a future issue of Info-Library.


Don\'t Pay That Overdue Fine!
Discover new creative options to save money and reduce your Library debt, including becoming a guinea pig for Library research.

The Great North Campus Library Flood
Read about one horrified librarian\'s moving email account of his harrowing adventures on the far North Campus.

Library De-Renovates!
Did you think we were finished with our major renovation project? Think again!!! The renovation was just so much fun, we should do it over!

Site of the Week: The Periodic Table of Comic Books
Check out a little elemental humor. (Hey, wait a second! This is for real!)
And much, much more! \"

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