The digital reader

Laura Miller at Salon has an extensive review of the Rocket E-Book. She does a review worth Reading

\"Will I keep this e-book or not? I still haven\'t decided. Over the past two weeks it has alternately exasperated and enchanted me, and in the end it may be the way that it makes Salon\'s content so much more easily accessible to me that decides the matter.\"So when I heard that consultant Hugh Look, speaking in London on March 22 at a seminar called \"The Book Trade in 2010\" as part of the second annual Internet Librarian International conference, had predicted that \"reading material in book form\" will soon be replaced by e-books, I was skeptical. After all, I\'m still waiting for my own personal hovercraft.

If printed books will be replaced in the next 10 years, then what, exactly, will replace them? I\'m open to the idea that the p-book can be supplanted, but the alternative, the e-book, remains pretty theoretical in the minds of most avid readers. Ask people to imagine a future in which print books have been usurped, without at the same time providing them with a clear image of the new, improved substitute, and you\'re asking them to visualize a beloved and enriching pleasure supplanted by -- nothing. No wonder it scares them.

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